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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 April

MGMT's new album CONGRATULATIONS is out on Monday and we're having a party this Thursday to celebrate.

At Be Club on Commerce Street - who have a fucken killer sound system!

I'm playing 10-11.30pm, after Conor Nester who is kicking things off from 8.30.

After me is the North Shore Pony Club guys who are always rad and closing the night is the Pig Out DJs.

Sony are putting the night on and have copies of the album to giveaway on both CD and VINYL on the night - so you shoudl all come down - it's gonna be RADDDDDD.

Here's my review of Congratulations which is being published at Eavesdrop and on Cheese on Toast

MGMT - Congratulations (Sony)
My love affair with MGMT started out with so many sparks that forest rangers and people with homes near the dry bush were worried. It was magical and it felt like it was just the two(three) of us - we'd skip together hand in hand and eat ice creams and go whale watching together, in space. But then they started getting attention from the other boys. I think she found it exciting, all the eyes on her - of course she was flattered. But I knew, that those guys with their popped collars were only interested in her lovely ample-sized ti.. i mean hits... after a while I got the distinct feeling that Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Martin Goldwasser were not so happy with what they had wished for with the near-galactic success of Oracular Spectacular. So, it's not surprising, then that Congratulations is very much a response and reaction to the speed of their fame and success; purposefully hiding the hooks more deeply amongst the songs, which are more crafted - perhaps in attempt to lose some unwanted attention. MGMT are sounding much more demure, a bit more grown up - but, when you really sit down and hang out with this record, you'll learn it's way cooler and far more interesting now. MGMT still loves dancing and glow sticks, but also likes just hanging out at home watching nature documentaries with you cuddled up on the couch and talking about what they've learned and experienced since last time you guys were hanging out. Yes, it's official, me and MGMT are back together again and we're in love and, yeah I know they hurt me last time, but things are different now.... AT

ALSO THIS WEEK I am playing @ Mum - the LATE slot from 1.30am till forever or close, whichever comes first - always a pleasure to play that slot - so I'm super amped for it...

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