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Monday, April 26, 2010

This week

I've been reading "Last Night A Dj Saved My Life" by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton...

Terry Noel, was in 1965, the first DJ to mix two records together.

He was the resident Dj at a swanky new club opened by Richard Burton's first wife, Sybil Burton, called Arthur. This was in the days before DJ mixers of course - he had, by todays standards, a primitive system of a separate volume control on each turntable - and using this he'd taunt and tease the crowd with excerpts of records - "a Jimi Hendrix guitar lick her or a Chambers Brothers a cappella there... Then he'd slam the whole song through the mincer."

"People would come up to me and say, 'I was listening to Mamas & Papas and now I am listening to The Rolling Stones and I didn't even know'" he's quoted as saying.

While Arthur had a door policy of encouraging what Burton termed PYPs (Pretty Young People) and keeping out the tragically un-hip folk who "still did the twist" - it was perhaps because of her own celebrity that it also attracted some of the biggest stars - Roddy McDowell, Julie Andrews, and Leonard Bernstein rubbed shoulders with regulars like Tennessee Williams, Princess Margaret, and Andy Warhol. In his book,Popism, Warhol reminisces about meeting Bette Davis, Sophia Loren and the astronaut Scott Carpenter there.

My favorite little story though, from Terry Noel is about the time that John Wayne was in the club and requested Yellow Rose of Texas. Noel apparently responded "Gee I happen to have it" then snaps the disc into two in front of Wayne "Oh, it's broken".
Noel continues that John Wayne "his toupe falling off his head" called him a faggot - while Lauren Bacalla and Judy Garland looked on laughing "because they hated him"

One day I wanna do that to NZ's modern day equivalent of John Wayne...

Maybe this week at MUM CLUBNIGHT - my only gig this week - Friday Night at Cassette Nine after the bands (I start at 1.30am) who are MOST excellent this week 47 Diamantes and Tommy Ill with support from Pikachunes.

You can download the new single from 47 Diamantes feat Tommy Ill for FREE from here

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week Commencing 19 April....

Hey hey hey....

This week I'm Djing like this....

TUESDAY 20 APRIL 6-8PM on George FM for Quay Street Social Club Radio Show
TUESDAY 20 APRIL 9-VERYLATE - POP PANIC at Cassette Nine (pop music set)
WEDNESDAY 21 APRIL 12.30-VERYLATE - TEENAGE KICKS at Cassette Nine (indie set)

also it should be noted that along with my esteemed colleague and friend Matthew Crawley I'll be hosting The Eavesdrop Listening party at Wine Cellar from 7-11pm on Wednesday - it's not exactly Djing - but we do select some very lovely brand new music for your listening pleasure and give copies of albums away!


I was honored to be asked to open up Real Groovy’s In-Store Deejays on Saturday 17th April for International Record Shop Day, and be on the same line-up as people like Roger Shepherd, Roger Perry, Nick D, Phil from the Datsuns, Liam Finn and Ladyhawke. Real Groovy had asked we each select 30 minutes of records that have ‘inspired and influenced’ us – I took the task one step further and decided it’d be fun to compile a 30 minute auto-biographical set.

Here’s what I played and why…

Blondie – Picture This
Parallel Lines was the first album I ever owned – I was turning 10 years old and asked my older brother to get it for me for my birthday. In order to fully explain this album’s importance I need to add some personal context: when I was five, my father and mother split and my older brother took on a father-like role for me; and he left home about fours later – and soon after this I moved back to the UK with my mum and her new partner while my older brother and sister moved to Sydney. For a long while Parallel Lines was really the only record I owned and it had become, in fact, my only real connection to my older brother who I missed so dearly. This song, in particular, with the lyric “all I want is a photo in my wallet / a small remembrance of something more solid…” became to mean something quite different to perhaps it was intended – but nonetheless it was the beginnings of my emotional connection to music; the desperation in Debbie Harry’s voice captured how I felt; I was angry and alone and I’d have given anything; my finest hour; to change that.

The Smiths – I Want The One I Can’t Have
So I was an adolescent growing up in England. I really felt isolated and alone – it felt like no-one at school liked me or understood me. I was bullied a lot for being weird and probably a bit too sensitive. I really thought I was the only boy in the world who was feeling like me. Then, and I don’t even remember how exactly, I suspect evening Radio 1, I discovered The Smiths – and I soon realized that there wasn’t anything actually wrong with me at all – I was just different to the kids who liked to play football – but not so entirely different to everyone in the world – and Morrissey made it okay to be that different. I started to write (very bad) poetry and shut myself in my room a lot more; watching the world go by my upstairs window – but it made me happy. I’d put flowers in my room. I think my mum started to worry that I might like boys.

Prince – Raspberry Beret
This black kid moved in across the road – well, his dad was black, but in our sleepy little seaside town there were no other black kids around. He lived with his (white) grandmother. He never told me about his actual mum and dad, only that his mum was dead. There was a great sadness about him and I liked how he didn’t fit in anywhere either; he and I became friends. He introduced me to Prince and to Chaka Khan. He also introduced me to something much more exciting – girls. I went to an all-boys school so was socially crippled in that regard until David and I started hanging out. It was through hanging out with David that I started to go to a youth-club and I met Julie.
My parents did not approve of Julie. They were probably right. But I was full of young hormones, I thought she was amazing. “I could tell when she kissed me, she knew how to get her kicks…” It was, sadly a short-lived affair – “But I tell ya, if I had the chance I’d do it all again / I wouldn’t change a stroke….”

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
Shortly after any sensitive young man discovers girls, he’s bound to discover heartbreak. I was blessed with the perfect cliche heartbreak when David and Julie got together. Luckily, my parents had decided to move back to New Zealand so i didn’t have to face them. Also luckily, I discovered Jesus and Mary Chain – it was evidently very cool to be sad and angry. I did my hair the same way as the Reid brothers.

The Chills – Pink Frost
Upon returning to New Zealand Radio With Pictures soon became a must-watch fro me – I had to video-tape it because there was no way I’d be allowed to watch it in the family room on a Sunday night – so it wasn’t until Monday afternoons after school and before my step-dad got home from work that I could watch Dick Driver present what I think was the best music television show ever. I remember seeing the music video of this song and going out the very next weekend to buy Kaleidoscope World; it was dark and moody and difficult to understand; everything I aspired to be.

Paid in Full – Eric B & Rakim
On a holiday to Sydney visiting my brother and sister – I went nightclubbing for the first time at a place called Site. I heard this song – It was the Coldcut Remix, actually, and it was at that point that I realized that I wanted to be a DJ. Nightclubbing and music at such an all-encompassing volume seemed so exciting. I remember this song surrounding me in every sense of the word. My brother took me to a record shop the next day and I bought the 12″ and I returned home and starting saving to buy myself a pair of Technics 1200s and a mixer. My brother sent me cartridges and slip-mats. I’d go into town every Friday night and visit all the record shops and spend about a $100 a week on new vinyl.

Baby Wants To Ride – Frankie Knuckles
It was still a time when we’d read about new music in magazines well before we’d actually get to hear it – there was no internet! I remember reading about this new movement in music coming from Chicago – being made by DJs – so naturally it excited me. I begun to pester the shops who’d import records to start geiing in this “acid house” that I had heard about. I remember when Grant Kearney and Sam Hill were working at 256 records on Queen Street – and they’d set aside records for me to check out on my weekly pilgrimage and they’d tease me for all this “weird House shit” I was into while they were still liking New Jack Swing. There were so many house tracks that could have been selected to play homage to this part of my life but I settled on this one since it really was one of the originals; and it was naughty.

Hello Operator – The White Stripes
The more astute reader will notice that there’s over a ten year gap here. I guess, for a number of reasons, music took a bit of a back-seat for me. I became dis-engaged from the DJ and night club scene; I focussed on a career (not in music) and a couple of relationship. Of course music was still part of my life, but not so central. But circumstances changed and some friends starting taking me out to live gigs more in the late nineties. In 2000 I heard this track on bFM and had to own a copy of it myself – I found it on 7″ at Crawlspace Records (RIP) and in 2000 The White Stripes came to play here. I went and saw them, first at Kings Arms and then some days later at Pizza Pizza which was upstairs opposite the library on Lorne Street. It was fucking incredible – and I finally felt buzzed about music yet again.

Golden Path – Chemical Brothers feat The Flaming Lips
When I was still working for the government department I was very lucky to have been sent on a week long personal development course in Wellington. While I could have done the same course in Auckland I really wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone for the exercise and my boss agreed provided that I pay for and/or arrange my own accommodation – so I stayed with an old friend in Lyall Bay – he started work really early so i had the house to myself each morning. I found a CD single of this song in his collection and I played it really loudly on repeat every morning before going to the course. It became my mantra for the course, somewhat. For me, it’s a song of rebirth and re-creation, and it was during the course that I came to the realization that I needed to start the Cheese on Toast website and stop working for the government.

Witness – Roots Manuva
“‘Cos right now, I see clearer than most / I sit here contented with this Cheese on Toast”. Yep that’s where I got the name from.

Fuck The Golden Youth – The Mint Chicks
The Mint Chicks were already a personal favorite by the time I had started Cheese on Toast and I had been blogging about them before we even knew what a blog was and before Cheese on Toast was launched on my personal website called Geekboy. I remember buying Octagon, Octagon, Octagon and opening up teh sleeve when I goy home and seeing that they had thanked “Geekboy” in their liner notes – I was so very excited, having never, at the time met them.
When their debut album Fuck the Golden Youth dropped and being sent an advance copy by Flying Nun and inviting some friends to come around and listen to it. It was very cool and exciting. We were lucky enough to be invited to their invite-only launch party and film for the TV show we made that was played on Triangle TV – Something On TV – it was at the old Shanghai Lil’s at the bottom of Anzac Ave and a magician performed as support act – apparently he had previously performed as support for Siouxsie & the Banshees here in the 1980s.
This clip is from that Shanghai Lil’s show – its quality isn’t the most wonderful but it’s still pretty cool.

(I Think Maybe I) Miss You – Tourettes
My good friend Matthew Crawley first put me onto Tourettes and gave me a copy of a spoken word mixtape of his and it totally blew my mind. When I finally saw Dom perform live both as spoken word poet and as rapper I got chills up and down my spine – and I still do sometimes when I see his shows. I love the honesty of his lyrics – they are so fucking disarming. So I was honored that when i was presented with an opportunity, last year, to press and release some 7″ singles, Tourettes agreed to be on the first one I released with this song, which was written to and for his girlfriend – who kindly offered to do the artwork for the single cover as well. It’s a beautiful song and I get a lump in my throat whenever I hear it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

new gigs....

Last night a MUM @ Cassette Nine was definitely up there in the most fun gigs I've played! Great crowd / dance-floor - if you were there dancing and shiz - thanks heaps - was awesome fun!

Next week is wwwwoooooz-a-lam-lam-busy!

Tuesday 13 April - 6-8pm Quay Street Social Club Radio with Rebecca Maxine on George FM
Tuesday 13 April - 9-verylate Pop Panic at Cassette Nine - pop music ridiculousness and stoopid funn
Wednesday 14 April 12.30-verylate Teenage Kicks at Cassette Nine - indie kicks for indie kids
Thursday 15 April - not-sure-what-time - Matthew Crawleys 30th Birthday Party - old school soul & r'n'b set
Saturday 16 April -midday-12.30 Real Groovy 'International Independent Record Shop Day' - 30mins 'songs that shaped me' set

You should totally check out the Real Groovy Record Shop Day gig - all day from midday they have special guest DJs taking over the shops PA and playing 30 minute sets each - playing the tunes that influenced and shaped them over their life / musical career... it's gonna be pretty fucking interesting I reckon! Joining me on those hallowed decks will be

Oliver Driver (actor, director broadcaster), Liam Finn (musician), Phil Somervell(The Datsuns), Nick D (TV presenter, George fm, C4) Roger Shepherd (Flying Nun Founder), Russell Baillie (NZ Herald music/entertainment editor), Charlotte Ryan (bFM DJ), David Farrier (Nightline, TV shows, BFM), Recloose (DJ and producer), Murry Sweetpants (George FM), Roger Perry (legendary NZ pioneering DJ and broadcaster) Dylan C (BaseFM) and a very very special surprise NZ musician guest.

Plus - if you come to the shop they'll give you a wrist band to go to a LIVE GIG that night at Kings Arms for FREE! ($10 if you're too lazy to get a wrist band!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 April

MGMT's new album CONGRATULATIONS is out on Monday and we're having a party this Thursday to celebrate.

At Be Club on Commerce Street - who have a fucken killer sound system!

I'm playing 10-11.30pm, after Conor Nester who is kicking things off from 8.30.

After me is the North Shore Pony Club guys who are always rad and closing the night is the Pig Out DJs.

Sony are putting the night on and have copies of the album to giveaway on both CD and VINYL on the night - so you shoudl all come down - it's gonna be RADDDDDD.

Here's my review of Congratulations which is being published at Eavesdrop and on Cheese on Toast

MGMT - Congratulations (Sony)
My love affair with MGMT started out with so many sparks that forest rangers and people with homes near the dry bush were worried. It was magical and it felt like it was just the two(three) of us - we'd skip together hand in hand and eat ice creams and go whale watching together, in space. But then they started getting attention from the other boys. I think she found it exciting, all the eyes on her - of course she was flattered. But I knew, that those guys with their popped collars were only interested in her lovely ample-sized ti.. i mean hits... after a while I got the distinct feeling that Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Martin Goldwasser were not so happy with what they had wished for with the near-galactic success of Oracular Spectacular. So, it's not surprising, then that Congratulations is very much a response and reaction to the speed of their fame and success; purposefully hiding the hooks more deeply amongst the songs, which are more crafted - perhaps in attempt to lose some unwanted attention. MGMT are sounding much more demure, a bit more grown up - but, when you really sit down and hang out with this record, you'll learn it's way cooler and far more interesting now. MGMT still loves dancing and glow sticks, but also likes just hanging out at home watching nature documentaries with you cuddled up on the couch and talking about what they've learned and experienced since last time you guys were hanging out. Yes, it's official, me and MGMT are back together again and we're in love and, yeah I know they hurt me last time, but things are different now.... AT

ALSO THIS WEEK I am playing @ Mum - the LATE slot from 1.30am till forever or close, whichever comes first - always a pleasure to play that slot - so I'm super amped for it...