DJ Andrew Tidball - voted "Best Indie/Alternative DJ" - 2010 Nite:Life Awards

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm playing on a boat, muthaflipper!

This Saturday I am deejaying on Saturday afternoon for the launch party of Big Fish.

Big Fish is a Luxury Expedition Vessel from Aquos Yachts, was successfully launched March 31st down the ways of New Zealand's premier motor yacht builder, McMullen & Wing. The launch of the 45M steel-hull yacht - the largest ever at McMullen & Wing - took almost three days to accomplish. The Hong Kong-based owner of Big Fish was on hand to name his vessel and to celebrate the launch with a fine bottle of Kiwi champagne smashed over the yacht's bows just minutes before she touched salt water for the first time.

Also flying above the Hong Kong flag draped over the bow rail was a burgee of the International SeaKeepers Society, whose ocean monitoring equipment the yacht will proudly carry as she begins a historic polar circumnavigation cruise starting in July.

Monday, May 3, 2010



Tuesday 4th - on the radio - Quay Street Social Club Radio Show with Rebecca Maxine - George FM 6-8pm
Tueday 4th - POP PANIC - as Toastie Boy - party hits / pop set - Cassette Nine (9pm-verylate)
Wednesday 5th - TEENAGE KICKS - indie set - Cassette Nine (12.30am-verylate)
Thursday 6th - CLUB TO DEATH - Official LCD Soundsystem Alnum Release Party @ Be
Saturday 8th - PROUD MARY @ 4:20 (Quay Street Social Club - me and Bex back to back yo!)