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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


WEDNESDAY 12.30 - close TEENAGE KICKS at Cassette (indie set)
THURSDAY 12.30 - close OVER THE RAINBOW @ Club to Death at Whammy
FRIDAY 8.00-11.30 private party / Studio launch somewhere near K Rd
FRIDAY 12.00 - 1.30 MUM CLUBNIGHT @ Cassette (indie / electro set)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gilles Peterson

Being a DJ is more than playing a seamlessly beat matched set. And it's more than being into a certain genre of music and playing it relentlessly. A good DJ is someone who is about finding good new music and helping to form the tastes of others. Gilles Peterson has been DJing for 25 years and not only is a taste-maker - he's pretty much genre defining - credited with the 'invention' of Acid Jazz and Trip Hop genres in the late eighties and early nineties.

He's playing here this week - on Friday night - at the TURNAROUND.
I'm hoping to get to meet the guy; I have massive respect for him - he totally epitomizes what DJing really is all about.

In this interview with The Herald, he talks about how his sets are like a four hour journey; not a 40 minute rush job of the 10 tunes you downloaded that all are 130 bpm. Hah! (I paraphrase heavily)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cassian - Friday Night / Final Round MP3s

Cassian, from the suburbs of Sydney, is one the latest signings to the excellent Bang Gang 12 Inches label - and the dude's playing in Auckland this Saturday at Cassette Nine. (supports from Cyril Orson, Cam Robertson and DJ Lotion).

Final Round is an uplifting slice of disco with some glorious synth stabs while Friday Night is a short and sharp driving lil number that's totally fucking nutso, it's so good!

Grab em both here!

Cassian - Final Round

Cassian - Friday Night

Yeasayer - O.N.E. XXXChange Remix - MP3

Brooklyn's Yeasayer's second album Odd Blood - apparently at least partly inspired by taking acid in New Zealand is out (but my copy got stolen from my letterbox by some little fuckwit) - annnyhoo... it's much more concise and compact than their debut - and already has spawned some dope remixes of the two lead tracks - Ambling Amp (you gotta watch the music clip here) and O.N.E.

But this XXXChange Remix of O.N.E. is pricking my ears right now - opening with a 30 second breakdown / refrain before a nice phat kick drops and then before you know it a sexy-dirty synth line comes driving in. Kickin' ass.

Yeasayer - O.N.E. XXXChange Remix

Monday, February 15, 2010

On The Decks all week! plus a present!

Woah - busy week ahead....

TUESDAY 9pm-4am - POP PANIC - pop mix set @ Cassette #9
THURSDAY 10pm-3am - CLUB TO DEATH Launch Party w/ Tina Turntables and Vistory
FRIDAY 10pm - 3am - RACKET BAR - indie/electro/ pop
SATURDAY - SICK DISCO @ Cassette 9 2.30am - forever.

if this photo is of you, please don't come to any of these gigs; you're frightening the children...

Yeasayer are awesome - check
The Very Best are awesome - check
Combined? Double-Awesome!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My pals Pig Out

This isn't an actual review of the new album... that's comin' soon...

But I have to confess that a promo disc of Pig Out's new forthcoming album Rave X has been sitting in my in-box for weeks un-played. I kinda didn't dig the lead single Top Boy, and so put off listening to the rest of the rest of the record to avoid awkward moments when / if tehy asked me what I thought.

Of course two things were the reality of my misguided paranoia :

1. Kit & Marie were always far too cool to even ask me what I thought any time they saw me out. I don't mean that in a "too cool for school" kinda way - but rather, that they just knew better than to create a potentially embarrassing situation between mates. (or they actually didn't care what I thought! Haha!)

2. Rave X is actually fucking awesome, as I discovered this weekend when I finally listened to it. Also, Top Boy now makes perfect sense, to me, in context of the whole album.

PIG OUT's new album RAVE X is out on Feb 22nd. You should get it.

Quay Street Social Club Radio Show...

... on george FM - every Tuesday 6-8pm, with my bestie Rebecca Maxine, who I love despite her irrational hatred of dub-step.

Here's what we played last night; my selectiosn marked with an A; her's with a B - just like our names (Rebecca = Bex!)

A - New Young Pony Club - "Ice Cream (Popular Computer Remix)"
B - Memory Tapes - "Bicycle"
A - Pig Out - "Wicked"
B - The c90s - "10.01 (radio edit)"
A - Blakroc feat ODB and Lusadris - "Coochie"
B - You Say Party! We Say Die! - "Laura Palmer's Prom (Los Campesinos rmx)"
A - Boy Noize - "Transmission (Mr Oizo Remix)"
A - Massive Attack - "Paradice Circus"
B - Panda Bear/XXXchange - "Comfy In Nautica (XXXchange rmx)"
A - The Mint Chicks - "Bad Buzz"
B - The Raveonettes - "Last Dance (kap10kurt rmx)"
A - Mt Eden Dubstep - "Seria Leone"
B - MEN - "Simultaneously (tete-a-tete rmx)"
A - Kid Sister - "Big N Bad"
A - Yazoo - Please Don't Go
B - Pretty Lights - "Sunday School"
A - Crookers feat Yelle - "Cooler Couleur"
B - Hussle Club - "i have high expectations for what i want...(bird peterson rmx)"
A - Pig Out - "Anthnm"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Set list from Saturday night

I opened with a 2 hr set at Modern Love on Saturday night at Cassette #9 before Philip Haeder, Roger Perry and Cyril Orson.

Here's what I played (roughly)

Delphic - Acolyte
The Doors - Break On Through (Bossa Rocker Remix)
Hot Chip - Take It In
Fuse - Machine
Cortney Tidwell - Watusii
Mt Eden Dubstep - Mirage of Hope
Pig Out - Wicked
Boyz Noize - Transmission (Mr Oizo Mix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Digiraatii Dance Til You're Dead Remix)
Yeasayer - Ampling Amp (Memory Tapes Remix)
N.A.S.A. - N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix)
La Roux - In For The Kill (Le Castle Vania Remix)
VHS or BETA - Burn It All Down (Surkin Remix)
Robin S - Show Me The Love (Redlight Remix)
Crookers - Have Mercy
Bassment Jaxx - Raindrops (Joker & Ginz Remix)
Mt Eden Dubstep - Seria Leone
Pig Out - Anthem
Crookers - Jump Up
MSTRKRFT - Dounce (Banana Dynamite Remix)
Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix)
Deadmau$ - Ghosts & Stuff
Crookers - We Love Animals


Tue 2 Feb - Quay Street Social Club Radio with Rebecca Maxine on George FM 6-8pm
Tue 2 Feb - as Toastie Boy - Pop Panic Blondie Special
Thur 4 Feb - short set at LIVE RELIEF FOR HAITI @ C9 w/ Die! Die! Die! and more...
Sat 6 Feb - at Modern Love @ Cassette 9 w/ Roger Perry, Cyril Orson and Philp Haeder
Tue 9 Feb - Quay Street Social Club Radio with Rebecca Maxine on George FM 6-8pm
Wed 10 - THE EAVESDROP @ Wine Cellar (selector with Matthew Crawley)
Fri 12 Feb - MUM Clubnight @ Cassette 12-1.30am Indie / Electro
Tue 16 Feb - Quay Street Social Club Radio with Rebecca Maxine on George FM 6-8pm
Tue 16 Feb - as Toastie Boy - Pop Panic
Thur 18 Feb - Club To Death Launch Party @ Whammy
Friday 19 Feb - Racket from 10pm Indie / Electro / Pop
Sat 20 Feb - Sick Disco (early set) @ Cassette
Tue 23 Feb - Quay Street Social Club Radio with Rebecca Maxine on George FM 6-8pm
Wed 24 Feb - Teenage Kicks @ C9 - indie set
Thur 25 Feb - Over the Rainbow @ Whammy as part of Quay Street Social Club w/ Rebecca Maxine
Fri 26 Feb - We Love 2 Party - We Love Studio Launch Party - back-to-back set with Paul Roper (Mint Chicks)
Fri 26 Feb MUM Clubnight @ Cassette 12-1.30am Indie / Electro