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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My pals Pig Out

This isn't an actual review of the new album... that's comin' soon...

But I have to confess that a promo disc of Pig Out's new forthcoming album Rave X has been sitting in my in-box for weeks un-played. I kinda didn't dig the lead single Top Boy, and so put off listening to the rest of the rest of the record to avoid awkward moments when / if tehy asked me what I thought.

Of course two things were the reality of my misguided paranoia :

1. Kit & Marie were always far too cool to even ask me what I thought any time they saw me out. I don't mean that in a "too cool for school" kinda way - but rather, that they just knew better than to create a potentially embarrassing situation between mates. (or they actually didn't care what I thought! Haha!)

2. Rave X is actually fucking awesome, as I discovered this weekend when I finally listened to it. Also, Top Boy now makes perfect sense, to me, in context of the whole album.

PIG OUT's new album RAVE X is out on Feb 22nd. You should get it.

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